Thursday, 26 May 2016

Today's Rambling

Heya, guys.

Today is a Thursday, 26th of May 2016. I just finished my report for a class assignment. This is my last report for this semester, and I feel like

It's freeing, when you finally finish something that's long due. I mean, I only got to do nine report. Weeeeell, the nine of preliminary reports and nine of final reports. All of it by writing. And then, sitting on the canteen, I opened up the third love of my life and trying to do something productive.

Which lead us to this.


I actually got this picture not too long ago, while I'm surfing through I'm in a mellowed situation, that day.

Well, you're gonna feel like I do too if you suddenly remember the fifth love of your life just got a new love of his life. 

It doesn't make any sense. Sorry.

So! The thing is, I feel alone in my dorm room, no one contacting me (not even my parents, but it's a story for another day), and I feel so lonely. I miss someone to talk to. I miss someone to share my thought, my day, and my life. I miss being able to connect with someone and feel a belonging.



Basically, this is just me found a picture of a poem, feeling nostalgic after finishing my final report, and then feeling lonely without a partner.


Before I becoming too emotional, I'm gonna end this entry. Bhay!

Monday, 9 May 2016

Today's Footnote

dear the love of my life,

this is my first mixtape. it's not even a real mixtape because i'm not making it physically. these are just a bunch of songs, love songs, that makes my day back then. now is monday, 9th of may, year 2016, around 8 pm. i know we (may) never met yet that day, or maybe we did, but we forgot about each others and continue with our lives. the thing is, this is my general love song. this is the love songs i love now. when we fall in love, we may have our own love song, but for me, these songs means so much, especially now. i know that when i'm with you, you are going to be it. the one i'm going to spend my life with. so, be patient, lets making ourselves better first. one day when we meet and fall in love, we're going to be better than our past selves and making each other the best. i love you.

your future wife.